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Focus, Determination, & Transformative Actions!


My role as an educational consultant organically emerged as my writing and other professional networking opportunities sparked connections with educators across the nation over the years.
Some questions that inspire and empower me on a daily basis include: 
  • How do we make every learner feel valued and ready to actively participate in any learning experience?
  • How do WE co-create authentic, meaningful, and seamlessly powerful inclusive learning environments--through the lens of seeing students in the margins as a part of the natural variability we encounter in any student population?
  • We are following the mandate of least restrictive environments (LRE)...Now What does the learning process look and feel like, so that EVERY learner is empowered?!
I am ready to share and brainstorm solutions to these and other critical questions with you and your teams! Our students NEED US to step up in actionable, empowering ways to guide them on a journey of increased self-efficacy, self-regulation, and a genuine connection with themselves as learners...
Let's Do This!


Please send an email to me by filling in the below contact form with your email and message. 

I am looking forward to hearing your ideas for workshops, speaking engagements, instructional coaching experiences,  and/or questions that will

spark our collaborations!

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