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Professional Learning Opportunities


​Keynotes and workshop presentations on a range of specific topics supporting the co-creation of equitable, meaningful inclusive experiences for all learners. Topics include:

  • Proactively differentiating instruction through UDL lens

  • Classroom management practices at its best through a restorative justice approach to encourage self-regulated, responsible learners.

  • LRE is all Set...Now What? Designing Intentional Learning for All!

  • "Who Can Tell Me?" Empowering Every Learner through Self-Regulation 

  • Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Paving the way for Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) with UDL

  • Elevating Co-Teaching with UDL

  • Welcome to OUR Class: Embracing Neurodiversity

  • Academic Optimism, Growth Mindset, Social Emotional Learning

  • And more!

Danielson Group Twitter Post With Dr. Elizabeth Stein and Charlotte
Dr. Elizabeth Stein Instructional Coaching Group

Instructional Coaching

Coaching cycles are available through in person visits as well as virtual--in the moments--opportunities to connect.  Topics for co-teaching cycles include any of the following topics--or a combination of topics:

  • Empowering co-teaching relationships.

  • Naturally embedding universal design for learning (UDL) within the learning process to pave the way for specially designed instruction(SDI).

  • Aligning IEP goals naturally within the general education curriculum

  • Manageable data collection techniques.

  • Incorporating social emotional learning, growth mindset, and overall mindful teaching and learning experiences to empower all learners.


Webinars are a great way to connect! This real-time learning experience goes beyond the moments through recorded sessions that may be reviewed, shared, and extended as teachers and administrators design equitable, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences for every learner in any classroom.

Ten Tips For Co-Teaching Success Poster

Online Learning Community Experiences

Ongoing online communications may be arranged for specified durations of time to provide specific feedback and brainstorming opportunities. Courses may be designed for professional growth opportunities. Online platforms may include: Google Tools--such as Google Docs and Google Meet, Canvas, Skype, Zoom, etc.


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